Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jonathan Logan

I am always pleased when I find a 1950s dress with the Jonathan Logan label, because I know that denotes a dress that is well made and has stood the test of time. Jonathan Logan dresses are always stylish and, many times, just down-right adorable. It's no wonder they are so popular with my customers!

Founded in 1944 by David Schwartz in New York's Garment District, by 1962, the company's sales had reached $80 million. Schwartz managed that by going against the norm in the garment industry. He employed 60 salesmen who were on the road, visiting stores to take orders and reporting on styles that were selling well. In this way, the company was able to react quickly and pull slow-sellers from the line, while stepping up production on styles that were hot.

Schwartz insisted on staying in the Junior market because, though only 20% of the country's women wore Junior sizes, those women bought 35% of all clothes.

In 1962, the company had 28 manufacturing plants all over the U.S., with a centralized distribution center in New Jersey. It was one of the first to use a Univac computer to sort orders. And it owned a C46 transport aircraft to fly fabrics and finished goods between the manufacturing plants and the distribution center.

Schwartz also owned the Butte Knit, Youth Guild, and Junior Accent labels, and began the Bleeker Street line in 1966 to appeal to the Mod generation.

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