Monday, March 21, 2011

Reader Query - Proper Undergarments for Low Back Dresses

Reader Tara writes, "I have a 1950s dress with scoop neck and a low V-back (point of the V ends at my waist), and I'm planning to wear it for graduation in June. What sort of bra would I wear with it? Or would a corset-type piece be better?"

Tara says that her graduation dress is cut lower than her green lace 1950s dress. First of all, Tara, congratulations on your graduation! You look beautiful in this dress.

If you don't normally wear a girdle, then a long line bra with a low back or a bra with convertible straps is what you want. Neither one of these is going to be easy to find and you'll probably have better success going to a high-end lingerie shop with a professional bra fitter on staff than searching online. Most importantly, be sure to take your dress with you for the fitting! A good bra like this is not going to be inexpensive and you want to make sure you get one that doesn't show!

Below are some images from the 1950s and 60s of the types of bras we're talking about.

Gossard Longerlyne bra.

Hollywood V-ette with low strap that wraps around the waist.

Jantzen Showback bra.

If you normally wear a girdle or corset, you'll probably need to find a strapless option with a low cut back. You might try a bridal store for this type of foundation garment if you don't have success in a regular lingerie shop.

Flexees Bare-bac Bouffante strapless corset.

Here are a few modern options from online shops if you can't find anything locally. The trick here will be to ask questions about how low the back drops on these foundations to make sure they'll work with your dress. Please note: Couture Allure does not receive compensation from any of these sites for promoting their products. I have not purchased any of these products, nor have I used any of these sites and cannot vouch for them. These are simply examples of what to look for.

One last tip: Clothing adhesive tape is great for ensuring that there are no gaps in that low backed dress. It sticks to your skin and the fabric of your dress without leaving a sticky residue. Do a search this type of product, as there are many options available online.