Friday, March 18, 2011

Teeny Bikini, 1959

Yes, 1959! Are you surprised? I sure was! Like most of you, I would have guessed 1970s. Perhaps more suprising, this image is from an American fashion magazine! The magazine used this photo as a tickler for a spread on swimsuits called, "South: The Rebirth of the Body." It suggested a woman might dare to wear this bikini "to bathe from a lonely beach in a great empty ocean....or for....a deserted early morning hour on the beach, a trip to an uninhabited cove."

The Darlene green Ban-Lon bikini sold at Bonwit Teller.

Of course, the magazine realizes the reality for the American woman....." she will no doubt be less abandoned and poetic. Trimming her sails to social propriety, she will pull on one of the dashing but more modest bathing suits" like this one. Sea B's elasticized Orlon maillot in black and white. It will be another 15 years or so before the teeny green bikini will become accepted as the norm.