Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Coats - 1956

On Friday, I asked my Facebook fans what they'd like to see on the blog this week. Honore requested a post about spring coats. Whatever happened to spring coats anyway? I'm so tired of my gray heavy wool winter coat and my leopard print down jacket. It's time for something different, but my waterproof rain jacket just won't do.

Vintage spring coats are usually made of lighter weight wool or cashmere, cotton poplin, or rayon gabardine. They are often in lighter and brighter colors than the heavy blacks, browns, and grays of winter. 1950s clutch coats are perfect for spring, as they have no buttons and can be worn open on warmer days. The examples shown here are all from 1956.

Above, a bright daffodil yellow clutch coat in lightweight Worumbo wool.

Lilli Ann made this swing coat in lightweight turquoise wool. What a great color for spring!

Bergdorf Goodman exclusive lightweight wool coat tailored with just 2 buttons up high. Came in beige, red, or navy. Perfect to wear over a spring dress!

Warren of Stafford raincoat with a loose back and big buttoned pockets.

Clyde cashmere clutch coat has push-up sleeves that work well with long kidskin gloves. Love that bag!

I've been inspired to store my gray wool winter coat and pull out my vintage 1950s pale pink cashmere clutch coat. Thanks, Honore! What about you? Do you have spring weight coat in your closet?