Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bare Midriffs - 1960

Believe it or not, summer is coming and with it comes hot, hot weather. Are you ready to show more skin? Have you been toning those arms and doing your crunches? Have you sloughed off that dry winter skin with a body scrub or loofa? Have you had a pedicure? It's time!

Here for inspiration are some bare midriff clothes for sandal weather from 1960.

Short sleeve button front midriff top with matching full skirt by Cabana worn with a 4-strand bead necklace and a straw hat.

Ingenious separates by Cabana. The long dress is worn as a skirt by slipping the bodice off the arms and allowing them to drape as pockets. The bra-top transforms into a belt with the dress to keep the bodice from revealing too much. I wish I had a picture of this worn as a dress! Worn with a beaded necklace that has ethnic flair and thong sandals.

At left: Pink cotton seersucker dress with a halter top that ties at the neck and back by Sportwhirl.
At right: Blue gingham check midriff top and full skirt by Junior Sophisticates.

Wrap style bra top with a matching full skirt by Robert Sloane worn with gold hoop earrings.