Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Vintage Easter Fashion 1937

"Only 10 shopping days until Easter!" heralds the headline in a 1937 copy of The New York Woman. "I haven't a thing to wear! Everything must be new!" With that, our Manhattan socialite sets forth on a mad day of shopping and pulls together her Easter outfit for a total of $89.45 ($1356.00 in today's dollar!!).

First a satin and Lastex girdle by Treo to give her figure the smooth, streamlined effect that will show off her suit to its best advantage. Next, a Maidenform satin brassiere for uplift and separation with new rounded curves (Last year's pointed silhouette is out!) A new pair of silk stockings are clipped to the girdle.

Satin tap panties and a satin slip by Dasche are worn over the girdle, brassiere, and stockings. Black gabardine shoes with patent trim are slipped on.

The perfect suit - a Mainbocher copy in navy Forstmann wool. Its collarless peplum style is offset by pockets at bust and hips. It is worn with a paisley printed ascot and a thin patent belt.

A tilted straw Homburg hat sets off the ensemble nicely.

Add white doeskin gloves and milady is all set for the Easter Parade!

What are you wearing for Easter this year?


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