Thursday, April 16, 2009

Soft 70's Hand-Painted Prints

As fashion trended away from the structured lines of 1960's Mod, we find a move toward softer, more feminine lines with lots of loose, flowing fabrics, ruffles, and draping. Many women were either going bra-less or wearing a soft knit "barely there" bra with these fashions. Shown here - gorgeous hand-painted prints from 1975. As always, click the photos for a larger view.

halston evening pyjama, 1975Halston's 3 piece evening pyjama in silk chiffon. The tunic, pants, and cape are hand-painted with yellow flowers. Sold for $950.00 (about $3,856.00 in today's dollar)

bill blass, evening pyjama, 1975Bill Blass uses a hand-painted design on a silk crepe tunic and matches it with silk crepe de Chine pyjama pants. Sold for $620.00 (about $2,517.00 in today's dollar).

zandra rhodes, evening dress, 1975Zandra Rhodes was famous for her use of her own hand-painted prints. Here a peach design on cream silk chiffon floats over a layer of cream jersey. The one-shoulder dress has a handkerchief hem. Sold for $895.00 (about $3,630.00 in today's dollar).

holly's harp, evening pyjama, 1975Holly's Harp creates a tiered silk chiffon evening coat to wear over a pistachio matte jersey camisole and long skirt. Sold for $645.00 (about $2,620.00 in today's dollar).

oscar de la renta, evening gown, 1975Oscar de la Renta offered this one-shoulder dress in bias cut silk chiffon with a hand-painted draped shawl wrap that tied at the shoulder. Sold for $615.00 (about $2,500.00 in today's dollar).

One other note - you can see clearly in these photos a make-up trend from the mid 70's. Dark bronzer or blush was used to sculpt a dramatic cheekbone. Blush was applied from the hairline down under the cheekbone and right to the apple of the cheek.

From the same time period, Couture Allure offers this gorgeous hand-painted silk evening dress by American designer Pauline Trigere.


Sal said...

The fabrics are just lovely, but I've gotta say these looks don't appeal to me. Flowy just ain't my scene!

Gladys said...

Those are gorgeous. I had an evening suit that was baby blue with white lillies painted across the long tunic. It was silky and flowing belted at the waist to give it just a hint of definition. Too bad I don't still have it.

I have to admit though, I still love the fashions from the 40's-60's best.

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

I'm with you Gladys. I wore this flowy stuff in the 70's and never felt like it was "me". Now, don't get me wrong - I wasn't wearing Halston or Rhodes, but still. I think I was born 15 years too late.

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