Monday, April 27, 2009

Vintage Train Travel 1941

Cross-country train travel - it brings romantic images of club cars, sleeping berths, and travel at a less frantic pace. Of course, in 1941, one didn't wear jeans and t-shirts or sweats for travel. And you didn't go on vacation with just one carry-on bag. You traveled with a trunk or two of clothing, which were stowed in the baggage car. And you had at least one suitcase of clothing that you kept with you for your days on board the train. Those clothing items became the basis of your wardrobe at your destination. Here, two women board "The Chief" at Chicago's Dearborn Station en route to Palm Springs.

Lightweight wool top-coats are worn over co-ordinating wool dresses, all by Eisenberg. All 4 pieces can be mixed and matched with others in the ladies' travel wardrobes.

Grey silk shantung dress for dinner on the train and for less dressy evenings in Palm Springs by De Pinna.

A beige and white stripe cashmere suit for daytime leisure in the drawing rooms of the train.

In the Observation Car, the woman on the left wears a red Forstmann wool suit by De Pinna. The woman on the right wears a dress with matching jacket by Charles Armour.

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I was lucky enough to be the winner of a Blog giveaway by Lizzie over at The Vintage Traveler. Lizzie offered the book "Signature Prints" on her blog a couple of weeks ago. The book arrived on Saturday and a quick flip through the pages reveals some wonderful dresses by Pucci, Leonard, Mr. Dino, and others from the late 1960's. I'll share some of them with you soon, and thank you Lizzie!