Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bouffant Hair Styles 1963

Sleek cuts with added volume reigned supreme in 1963. These styles were heavily influenced by the popularity of Jackie Kennedy's bouffant hairdo, created by Kenneth Battelle. Warning: Lots of hairspray is needed to hold these styles in place!

Here, the hair is tight to the head at the front, then sweeps up gracefully behind the bow.

In this style, the hair sweeps dramatically from the left front to the right, then back and is blended perfectly. Did I tell you you'll need lots of hairspray?

Swaths of hair are woven in different directions. Hair pins hide under the top piece to hold the front piece in place. Did I mention hairspray?

Here the side pieces are slicked under and pulled to the back of the neck, where they are pinned. The hair at the back is lifted over and swept to the front. And, oh yes, you'll need lots of hairspray!