Friday, July 31, 2009

How to Carry a Purse and Wear Gloves Like a Lady - 1968

I never thought the lessons I've been sharing this week about poise and grace would be so popular! Thank you all for your positive comments. It would seem that within a generation or two, we have lost these basic rules for moving like a lady. Today's final lesson deals with purses and gloves.

Today, purses have become a much more important part of your fashion statement than they were in 1968, but the basic rules for how to carry your handbag still apply. Above all, you don't want to appear awkward and unbalanced as though you are carrying a burden. Your purse should be an accessory that you carry neatly and effortlessly.

To carry a handbag, slip your hand through the handle from the outside and let the handle rest on your wrist. Turn your palm up with fingers relaxed. Place your wrist lightly against your waist so the purse rests on the flat of your hip. Don't carry your handbag under your arm like a football, as this can ruin the lines of your dress. Don't carry your handbag down by your side with your arm fully extended, as this can not only bump your leg repeatedly, but also become an obstacle for passers-by.

To carry a clutch purse, hold the bottom of the bag in your hand, resting it on the length of your index and middle fingers. Rest your hand against your hip, letting the bag relax to an angle.

To carry a shoulder bag, rest the strap on your shoulder. In order to keep the bag from swinging when you walk, grasp the center of the front strap to hold it in place. Don't push down on the top of the bag. Don't slip the strap over your head and wear the bag criss-crossing the body. This ruins the lines of your garment.

Gloves have started to come back as an important fashion accessory. Do you know what to do with your gloves?

How to put on gloves:
1. Slip your hand down the glove and gently ease it on by grasping the cuff.
2. If the gloves are snug, smooth the fingers on gently to avoid splitting the seams.
3. Never pull by the cuff, as this can stretch your glove. Instead smooth the glove with upward strokes from the fingers up the arm.
4. Never push between the fingers. Smooth the fingers with upward strokes until the glove is comfortable.

How to remove gloves:
1. Pull gently at the tip of each finger until you can hold the fingertips of the glove.
2. Grasp all the fingertips of the glove in the opposite hand and pull gently to ease your hand out.
3. Never grasp the cuff to pull your gloves off, as this will turn them inside out.

How to hold your gloves:
1. After removing your gloves, ease away any creases and reshape them.
2. Fold the thumb of each glove in and press the two gloves together, palms in, with fingertips and cuffs even.
3. With the cuff end facing out, fold the gloves over the side of your hand between the forefinger and thumb. Hold them in place with your thumb.
4. If the gloves are long, fold them in half lengthwise and place the folded part out, then hold between the forefinger and thumb.

Remember, a lady always wears both gloves, not just one.


The Glamorous Housewife said...

Another great post. Keep them coming!

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife

Sal said...

I love these posts. And they confirm that I SUCK at being a lady. ;)

Gladys said...

My mother was a stickler for how you carry your purse. She was the one who taught me to always carry your clutch at your hip. I still to this day carry my handbags just like shown.

I haven't worn gloves for years, not since I was a military wife. I never did know what to do with them.

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Oh man, Im in serious trouble!

I do all of this wrong!

Madre said...

I was one of those girls who tagged along on with my mom on her saturday errands. She wore wonderful hats, jewelry, purses, and gloves,even to the grocery store at times. I absorbed all of this as a girl growing up in the sixties. When I was about 10 years old, she enrolled me in a course called "White Gloves and party Manners", being sponsored at the local department store. Those basic ettiquite tips have served me well over the years. It's so fun to see these lessons being re-taught on your website! Well done,
Nostalgic in California

catherine_sr. said...

I love these tips! The chair sitting one was especially fun to practice. The handbag suggestions are also practical -- I never thought of grasping the middle of the front strap of my shoulder bag, but now that I think about it, it relieves wear and tear on your purse, in addition to improving posture. I think that little things like that do make a difference in terms of first impression. I figure, if I let people think that I'm a lady once, I can get away with a whole host of other things later :-).

christa weil said...

Fab! Just my cup of tea.

There was an episode of Britain's Next Top Model about a year ago where the girls were instructed by a rather starchy etiquette instructor on how to gracefully remove/fold a jacket. The girls were flummoxed!

There's some wonderful material on how to fold back buttoned-at-the-wrist dress gloves in order to eat
. . .

lovely stuff, I'll be following! best, Christa

Belle de Ville said...

Now that I am middle aged and have seen the result of years of California sun on my skin, particularly my hands and my face, I'm sorry that I didn't grow up in a generation when hats and gloves were the norm.
And...I'm pretty sure that I went to that same "White Gloves and Party Manners" course that Madre went to!

The Beautiful Canadian Secret said...

Can anyone tell me what the book these are from called?

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