Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Mix & Match Wardrobe 1949 #2

This week, we're looking at some Advance Patterns from 1949, and ideas for how to combine the separates into a multitude of outfit options.

Advance Pattern 5129 includes patterns for a blouse with either long or short sleeves, a vest, a skirt, and an apron to wear over the skirt. This pattern has a decided "country" or "ethnic" flavor to its pieces. By the way, this apron is not made for cooking in. It is used to add an accent and is based on the classic dirndl look from Eastern Europe.

Here we see the vest and skirt sewn in a blue print. When worn together, the two pieces can give look of a dress.

Here, the long sleeved blouse and apron are added in solid blue. I'm not crazy about this look. I think I would have made the apron in a contrasting print fabric, maybe a yellow and white stripe. The solid blue looks too "heavy" to me. It probably would work better in a solid lighter blue too.

Other options? How about:
- Short sleeved solid blouse with the print skirt and solid apron. Add a wide sash in the blue print fabric of the skirt.
- Long sleeved blouse in the blue print with the print skirt.
- Solid blue vest with the print skirt.

And on....and on. How would you combine these pieces? Would you choose a different fabric like I would?