Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How to Sit Like a Lady - 1968

I found a little book from 1968 the other day on how to move like a model. I thought you all might get a kick out of the rules in this book for basic movements most of us don't even think about. But if you've ever watched old films with women like Grace Kelly or Jackie Kennedy, you may have noted how they moved with poise and composure in public. They learned the rules and practiced. Today, let's look at "How to Sit".

1. Approach the chair holding your best posture. Turn so your back leg brushes against the chair seat.
2. Slide one foot back 2-3 inches under the chair seat.
3. Lower yourself into the seat keeping your head erect and your back straight. Most of your weight should be carried by the thigh of your back leg.
4. Ease down into the seat gracefully...don't flop.
5. For deeper seats or upholstered chairs where you can't slip your foot under, sit as above but on the edge of the seat. When seated, lift your weight slightly and slide back.
To rise from a sitting position, simply reverse the above steps. Lift yourself gracefully in one easy motion letting your back leg muscle do the work. Don't push up using the chair arms.

While seated, arrange your legs at a slight angle to avoid looking to square and boyish. Cross your legs at the ankles or knees. If crossing at the knees, be sure your skirt is long enough to cover your knees. Rest your hands in your lap, palms up.

If you are sitting in a slim skirt, you may have to sit a bit more forward in the chair to keep your knees discreetly covered. If you are sitting in a full skirt, place your hand behind you and grasp the center back of the skirt. Bring the skirt out to one side before you sit down.

Apparently, if you follow all these rules, you'll have all the men flocking around you!

Today, notice how you sit down and get up. Try the above rules. This method will probably feel alien and strange. Now move a chair in front of a mirror and compare how you look when sitting down normally and how you look sitting with the rules. Is there a difference? Which do you prefer?

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Sal said...

Well timed! I've been wearing more miniskirts lately and seriously worrying about flashing the world a peek. ;)

ambika said...

I'll have ot try this when I'm home. & like Sal, I've been wearing skirts & dresses so much lately that I actually have been thinking more about how I sit--and especially getting in & out of the car!

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

Getting out of a car will be shown later this week. Stay tuned!

Gladys said...

I took charm lessons when I was in junior high. I guess my mother found me less than charming. Anyway this was one of the lessens and to this day I still get in and out of vehicles they way they taught us.

Back up until you legs hit the side of the seat. Face out and slide one leg back slowly lower yourself down into the seat. The with both feet and legs together gracefully swing them into the vehicle. Reverse the action to exit the vehicle. Unless of course it's a corvette then just call a truck crane to lift my ass out.

Kim@ The Girl Can't Help It said...

Fab pics and "how to"! I wish the modern generation of young women would take their cue from this! But then, where would we be without the Rock of Love girls?!

Mad Scientist said...

Considering that I'm currently sitting with my feet up on the desk, I don't think I'm following the rules that closely! But I also think that some people have an innate grace that just works no matter what they do.

Frances Baker said...

This is definately great for skirts! I'd be a little concerned about following it too closely and looking a bit too prim and proper, it could look pretty strange in this graceless modern world of ours!

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

You're right, Frances, it could look a bit strange. I think most of these rules went out the window when pants became popular for women in the 70's.

Renata said...

Lovely article. I don't think this way of sitting looks out of place at all. I think carrying yourself with grace and poise really shows polish and is especially appreciated in the workplace. Good practices for the body, too! Keep that tummy in!

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