Friday, July 10, 2009

Polka Dot Vintage Dresses

I know you all love polka dots, so here are some vintage polka dot dresses from 1960:

Serbin offered this polka-dotted shirtwaist dress in navy, green, orange, or brown dots on white. Cute, no?

A black and white polka dotted dress by Junior House. You've gotta love those huge pockets on the skirt!

A scarf-printed silk dress by Rappi. Why is it called scarf-printed? Because the design is in large squares that can be cut apart and hemmed to make scarves. Here, Rappi used the dots in squares pattern to great effect in the skirt.

Here are some polka dot vintage dresses currently available at Couture Allure:

1950's cotton shirtwaist dress with a random polka dot pattern. $165.00

1940's navy dot day dress in silk. Generous larger size! $75.00

1950's dress by Jonathan Logan in rayon with the look and feel of linen. $135.00


Sal said...

That Junior House one is such fun. I don't see a lot of unevenly-spaced polka dots. Love it!

Diana said...

I love me some polka dots!

Berry said...

Wow! The first dress and the last dress are adorable! Love them!

Deja Pseu said...

Polka dots always remind me of my grandma. I think that was the only print I ever saw her wear, aside from the occasional scarf. Cute dresses though, not at all "old lady"!

Gladys said...

Remember in "Because I Told You So" the polka dot dress. I love as my grandbaby says poky-dots.

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