Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Charm School - How to Handle Stairs and Cars Like a Lady

Welcome to Friday Charm School! Today, we'll look at how to get in and out of a car and how to go up and down stairs like a lady. There's lots of information to practice this week, but if you add these skills to our previous lessons, you'll be noticeably more poised!

Getting in and out of a car in a "bottoms up" or "legs sprawled" position can be unflattering and embarrasing (remember Britney?). Here is how to do it with poise and grace.
1. Stand close to the car facing the same direction the car is pointing.
2. Place the foot nearest the car on a line just in front of the seat, and the outside foot one step forward.
3. Lower yourself with your weight carried on your thigh muscles until your head is clear of the car roof and sit on the outer edge of the seat.
4. Swing your knees to the front and bring your feet inside the car.
5. Arrange your skirt.

To get out of a car:
1. Lift your derriere slightly off the seat and straighten your skirt, pulling it gracefully to cover your knees.
2. Slide to the outer edge of the seat, knees together.
3. Place the foot that is nearest the door on the curb, bending the other leg at the same time to keep the knees close together.
4. Step out with the other foot and lift yourself from a sitting position with your thigh muscles, keeping your back straight.

Have you ever had nightmares about making a grand entrance that involved coming down a staircase? Here is how to handle stairs like a lady.

1. Balance is key. Use your best posture. Don't bend your head to look at the stairs. Glance down with your eyes only.
2. Don't lead with your head. Move with your body erect, head up, weight on the back foot and placing your full weight on the front foot as the torso comes over it.
3. Place your entire foot on the step without letting your heel hang over the edge.
4. Take your time!
5. On narrow stairs, place your feet sideways.
6. When getting on busses, trains, etc., face in the direction the vehicle is moving and hold the handrail. Step up with your feet sideways on the steps.

How do you handle stairs when wearing a long dress? You don't want to trip on the hem or hold your dress up too high.

In a narrow skirt, bend your knees and grasp the fabric of the skirt a few inches above the knee. Lift the skirt until it is just above your ankles and glide up or down the stairs.

With a full skirt, use both hands. Bend your knees slightly and grasp each side of the skirt a few inches above the knees. Lift the skirt until it is just above the ankles.