Thursday, September 16, 2010

Vintage Sweaters - 1975

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20 years after yesterday's post, the look of sweaters is decidedly different. In 1975, sweaters were longer and were made of heavier, thicker, chunkier yarns than those of 1955. Worn with bell bottom pants, jeans, or long skirts, here are the sweaters the everyday gal wore in 1975.

Allison's Closet bulky cable knit cardigan.

Beverly Johnson wears a wool wrap sweater by Jane Justin.

Organically Grown by Arpeja acrylic (ironic) turtleneck sweater with center muff pockets.

Ellen Tracy wool cardigan with matching vest and hat.

Hooded wool tweed sweater jacket by Swing Low.


Sue Jack said...

They are still quite beautiful and I would definitely wear the first two today!

Gladys said...

I think I still own that last one. You know thought I seem to remember my favorite sweater from the 70s was a twin set. Navy with white piping

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

I was doing some online shopping yesterday, and it looks like these big belted sweaters are making a comeback. Sometimes it seems the 70s are always making a comeback.

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