Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Vintage Sweaters - 1955

It's 1955, and sweaters are a big hit for fall. Worn with skirts, pants, or Bermuda shorts, most gals had at least one (or ten) in her wardrobe.

May Claire shawl collar pullover.

Pride O'Glen lambswool sweater could be worn two ways, with the buttons in front or back.

Darlene pullover and twin-set.

Talbott V-neck and turtleneck.

What do you wear underneath to get that true "sweater girl" look? A pointy, circle-stitched bra, of course! And if your cup size was smaller, you wore one with padding.

Here's a current fave at Couture Allure. This lambswool/fur blend twin set comes straight out of the 1950s!