Friday, September 03, 2010

Friday Charm School - How to Sit Like a Lady Part 2

Welcome to Friday Charm School! Today we'll continue practicing sitting like a lady while adding more detailed skills so you'll always look graceful and at ease. Did you become comfortable with sitting down and getting up from a chair this week? If so, let's add some more rules.

While seated, arrange your legs at a slight angle to avoid looking to square and boyish. This will give a more fluid line to the body. You want to subtly draw attention to the curves of your legs. Cross your legs at the ankles or knees.

The more relaxed and quiet your hands look, the better. Let one hand rest easily in the other in your lap, or drape one elbow over the back of the chair and let your hand relax. When shifting positions for comfort, do so slowly and gracefully.

If you are sitting in a slim skirt, you may have to sit a bit more forward in the chair to keep your knees discreetly covered. If you are sitting in a full skirt, place your hand behind you and grasp the center back of the skirt. Bring the skirt out to one side before you sit down.

When sitting on the floor, fold your legs to one side. Your good posture will be a big help here!

Sitting No-Nos:

- Don't sit stiffly with feet and knees in the center. You'll look like a frightened child.
- Don't fidget with your hands. Don't smooth your skirt, play with your jewelry, touch your face, or fuss with your hair. Remember, quiet repose communicates more than words.
- Keep your hands relaxed and still. Avoid clenching, scratching, and twiddling.
- Avoid slouching. Your back should remain erect no matter what you are sitting on.
- Never sit with your legs stretched out in front of you, even when wearing slacks. This look is too mannish.
- If you have heavy legs, cross them at the ankles, not the knees.