Thursday, August 09, 2012

Beautiful Vintage Swimsuit Photos - 1960

Photography is not a particular talent of mine. I am always struck by the beauty of many photos I find in vintage magazines.  These gorgeous swimsuit shots are all from 1960.

From an ad for travel to the Bahamas, this photo is by John Lewis Stage.  It is entitled, "Liquid Sunshine, 20 Feet Deep."  Quite the glass bottomed boat!

This advertisement for Catalina swimsuits gives no credit to the photographer.  I love the way the white light in the sky and on the water is juxtaposed to the white swimsuit.

In an editorial photo for the magazine, photographer Frances McLaughlin-Gill uses an unusual position to capture a gorgeous shot.  The model's body angles from upper left to lower right in a visually arresting picture.  Swimsuit by Catalina, swim cap by Kleinert's.