Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Big Pockets - 1960

Today I am inspired by big pockets!  What a cute way to add interest to a simple dress.  If you're sewing your own dress, you don't need a pattern for a patch pocket.  Just draw the pocket you want, cut it from fabric and sew it on.  Make it as simple or as dramatic as you want.  You could cut it from a contrasting color or print to make it stand out even more.  Cute, right?  Make sure your pocket fabric has enough body to hold it's shape on the dress.  You don't want it to flop or crumple.  If you're using a lightweight fabric, your pocket should be lined, or at least interfaced.

This polka dot dress by Junior House has simple patch pockets cut from the same polka dot fabric.  Dress sold in 1960 for $23 (about $178 in today's dollar.)

Sir James rayon dress was available by mail order in coral, blue, yellow, lilac, beige, white and black.  Sold in 1960 for $25.95 (about $202 in today's dollar.)