Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Forgotten Designer Georgia Bullock

Designer Georgia Bullock
Georgia Bullock was born in about 1918.  Her interest in designing began at an early age when she made clothes for her dolls and dressed them in the latest styles.

Her first job in the fashion world was a a floor model for Bullock's Wilshire store.  Though you might think so, Georgia Bullock was no relation to the Bullock's retail family.  Georgia Bullock had her own line briefly in the 1940s, but by 1953, she was designing for Nelly Don in Kansas City.

In 1954, Bullock returned to Los Angeles and founded the first corporation in the fashion world with an all female executive team. 

Late 1950s
Her line of simple, elegant and expensive fashions was very popular in the late 1950s and 1960s and was sold in the finest shops and department stores all across the U.S. When her clothing became popular with women of means, Bullock began having private fashion shows on the tennis courts of her Holmby Hills home.

Bullock continued to have private showings for her elite clientele after she moved to Palm Springs in the 1970s.  She stopped designing sometime in the late 1970s and died in 1991.