Friday, August 24, 2012

Marshall Field's 28 Shop

Marshall Field and Company was one of Chicago's oldest and finest department stores.  In 1941, the store opened it's exclusive 28 Shop which was one of the first in-store boutique shops in the U.S.  The 28 Shop was the brainchild of Hughston M. McBain, who would go on to become manager of the entire company in 1943.  The 28 Shop was named for it's private elevator entrance at 28 East Washington St. and featured 28 dressing rooms.  It was here that Marshall Field's sold high end clothing from many of America's best designers.  After the war, fashions from Paris were also featured.

The 28 Shop was designed by Joseph Platt who arranged those 28 dressing rooms around a central salon.  There were 2 each of 14 different dressing room designs, all in various colors and decor to suit the customer's taste.

 This photo by George Platt Lynes ran in a full page ad for the 28 Shop in 1943.  Offered was a pure silk dress in a pink, red and white print with black filigree worn with a hand-loomed wool raspberry wool coat.  There is no mention of the designer of this ensemble, just that is is "From the 28 Shop's Spring Collection of clothes from distinguished designers."  Note the silk floral spray at the dress neckline and how it offsets the extreme shoulders of the coat.  And can you see the little curlique on top of the hat?