Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Macshore Classics Blouse - 1960

Macshore Classics was a maker of women's blouses beginning in 1943.  The company's products were well made, so well made you can find their vintage blouses for sale quite often.  If you wear blouses, I recommend that you give a MacShore Classics cotton blouse a try. The quality of materials used, the construction, the fit, and the details will far surpass any modern blouse you can buy at the mall today.  I guarantee it! 

The blouse shown above from 1960 is a great example. The front panels are accented with navy blue embroidered flowers that are filled with white lace appliques.  Isn't it pretty? 

Macshore Classics is a family-owned company and is still in business today in Greenville, SC, although now they make bedding and drapes.  All of their products are made in the USA!