Sunday, October 21, 2012

New at Couture Allure - Vintage Party Dresses

New at Couture Allure are loads of vintage party dresses, one of which is perfect for your holiday affairs!  In fact we currently have over 65 vintage cocktail dresses and evening gowns on the site for you to choose from.  Be sure to check our What's New pages to see all the lastest listings!

1950s Rappi nude silk chiffon full skirt dress

1950s Razook's cocktail dress covered in sequins and beads

1960s silver brocade cocktail dress

1950s Suzy Perette black velvet full skirt dress

1980s 50s style cranberry full skirt dress

1930s low back evening gown in a large size!
If you want to make your own party dress this year, we've added loads of vintage patterns over at our SewHallie store on Etsy.
1956 Vogue Special Design S4738 sewing pattern for a ball gown or party dress

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