Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Now Add a Vest - Sewing at Home, 1950

Yesterday, we looked at the possibilities of expanding your wardrobe by breaking up your suits into separates.  Now look what happens when you add a vest (or weskit) to the mix!  All photos and patterns are from 1950.

Here's a great example of sewing separates and wearing the pieces as a suit.  And when you add a vest to the mix, you get a more tailored and polished look than with a blouse, sweater or top alone.  Louis Vuitton luggage is not included.  And may I say, I absolutely LOVE that huge silver cross she is wearing at her neck.  The cross is by Roger Van S, but there is no note as to whether it is a necklace or pin.  Photo by Richard Avedon.

The red wool vest is made from Simplicity pattern 3298, view 4.

It is worn with a checked wool skirt made from Simplicity pattern 3027.  
NOTE: We talked the other day about sewing tops from wool jersey.  This is another pattern that would work for that!

And the ensemble is finished off with a topper jacket made from Simplicity 3327 in green wool coating.

Here's another example of a suit sewn as separates and then adding more possibilities with a vest.

The suit was made as separates from Simplicity pattern 3333.  
Make the jacket in a bold check and the skirt in a co-ordinating solid wool.

Now add the vest made from Simplicity 3298 and you've got separates that look like a suit!  
If you wanted a 3-piece suit, you could make all three pieces from the same fabric.

Here are some more vest patterns from 1950 that will stretch your wardrobe possibilities.

Simplicity 3299

Simplicity 2943