Friday, October 05, 2012

Sew it Yourself Knit Tops - 1950

Remember my rant over the summer about garbage garments that today's manufacturers are making?  It's getting to the point where I can't find good looking, well fitting knit tops anywhere.  And trying to find something that will last more than a few wearings?  Forget about it.  Silly me!  Why didn't it occur to me that I can make my own?  Next time I go to New York, I'll be shopping for beautiful jersey knit fabrics to sew some vintage inspired tops for my closet.

When I first saw this image in the 1950 pattern magazine I've been blogging from this week, I assumed the tops were purchased sweaters worn with sewn skirts.  Wrong!  All of those tops (except the gray blouse) were sewn from Simplicity pattern 3300.  The designers used wool jersey for these, and today you can find wonderful examples of that fabric that are blended with a touch of synthetic so they become hand washable.

Simplicity pattern 3300 from 1950, used to make the tops shown in the photo above.

And all the pencil skirts were made from Simplicity pattern 3330.  The possibilities are endless!

This wool jersey top was sewn from Simplicity pattern 3335 from 1950.  I can't find one online right now, but there are plenty of comparable patterns for sale out there.

Simplicity 4815 would work for a similar top.

This jersey top has a pattern knitted into the fabric.  I love this!

The top was sewn from Simplicity pattern 3302 from 1950.

 Not shown, but Simplicity 3027 would also work for making a top and cardigan in wool jersey.

Speaking of sewing with vintage patterns, I added a bunch from my grandmother's sewing room to the SewHallie Etsy shop yesterday.  Take a look!  My favorite?  This Vogue Special Design evening dress. 

Isn't it a beauty?