Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Separate That Suit - Sewing at Home, 1950

This week, we're going to continue our look at sewing vintage pieces at home, starting with a lesson on suits.  I often wonder why more women don't purchase vintage suits.  When you think about it, you're getting two pieces that will mix and match with others in your wardrobe for the price of one.  Think of your suit in terms of parts.  Wear the jacket with other skirts, pants, jeans or over a dress.  Wear the skirt with a sweater, blouse or a jacket from a different suit.

In the same vein of thinking, if you're not a suit kind of a gal, then look at suit patterns as separates.  Make the jacket alone, or use the skirt alone.  Or make the jacket and skirt from different fabrics.  If you've wanted to sew a pencil skirt, but can't find a pattern you like, look at suit patterns.  OR, if you can't find a suit pattern you like, combine a pattern for a jacket with a different skirt.  See what I mean?

Today, let's look at some suit jackets worn as separates, all from 1950.

At left: Simplicity 3099 jacket pattern sewn in houndstooth wool.  In the photo above, the jacket is worn with a coordinating skirt sewin from pattern 2383, but any skirt will do.
At right:  Suit sewn from Simplicity pattern 8055.  These pieces can easily be broken up to wear with other items in your wardrobe.  See what I mean?

At left:  Suit made from Simplicity 8157.  Another way of splitting up a suit.  Sew contrasting details on a solid jacket in a patterned fabric used to make the skirt.  Think plaid, tweed, houndstooth, herringbone.  Then make another skirt in the solid fabric of the jacket.  Wear the patterned skirt with a sweater or a different solid skirt.  See what I mean?

At right:  Navy and white wool check jacket sewn from Simplicity pattern 8208 (sorry, I couldn't find this one online anywhere).  The skirt is sewn in solid navy wool, but this jacket could also be worn with a skirt in red, white or gray.

Don't look at your suit as a suit.  Look at it as separates!  See what I mean?