Monday, October 08, 2012

Where Did Summer Go?

Many people consider Labor Day the end of summer, but I prefer to extend mine to Columbus Day.  And here it is.  As I sit here typing, I am wearing multiple layers of long sleeves because it is a chilly 46 degrees outside and we have not turned on the heat yet.  As a matter of fact, with what we know about changeable New England weather, the air conditioners are still in the windows and we actually had to use them one day last week.  But alas, the leaves are turning, they have started to fall, and it is time to admit defeat.  Summer 2012 is officially over.  This week I'll be pulling the tomato plants from the garden.  I have lots of green tomatoes that have no hope of ripening in this weather. Does anyone have a good suggestion as to how to use them? I picked the last of our green beans yesterday and those plants will come out too. The porch furniture will need to get stored, and we'll have to close all the storm windows soon.  But the memories of our delicious summer will live on, hopefully long enough to sustain me through the cold ahead. 

BTW, this is NOT how I dress to rake leaves!