Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How I Would Dress the Oscar Nominees - Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep received a Best Actress nomination for her role in Doubt. Streep likes to cover her arms, which isn't a problem, but I'd love to see her in some color. Black is doing nothing for her.

Streep at the 2008 Oscars

Streep at the 2004 Oscars

I can't think of anyone who did color better than Valentino, and since he retired this past year, it is appropriate that someone choose vintage Valentino to wear. For me, that someone is Meryl Streep.

Would you rather see Streep wear this color block chiffon gown in shades of pink and grey with purple chiffon yoke and sleeves from Valentino's Fall/Winter 1986 Haute Couture line.....

....or this Valentino red gown from the Fall/Winter 1965 Haute Couture line. The dress has a deep decollete wtih draped panels hanging at the center front. The matching cape is of red tulle with tufts of ostrich feathers held in place with gold embroidery and red rhinestones.

Tough choice. Which do you like?