Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscar Night - 1954

Oscar Night 1954 - Audrey Hepburn wins Best Actress for Roman Holiday. Although she would be nominated 4 more times in the next 14 years, this was her only win. The dress is by Givenchy, who was designing her costumes for Sabrina at the time.

Enjoy the Academy Awards tonight everyone!


50sgal said...

I love this, as it would have only been last year for me. AHHH, the more I live here in 1955 the more I fall in love with the fashion. How can somting so simple be so wonderful. Somtimes I feel the shape and style of 1950s dresses were able to express all the wonder and wedding cake magic of the french 18th century without the overdone over the top result. And who doesn't love Audrey?

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