Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pleats Three Ways from 1955

Pleats. There's something about the way they swish and sway when you walk that makes them so alluring. Here are pleats done three ways from 1955.

bergdorf pleated suit, 1955A tailored suit with a box pleated skirt from Bergdorf Goodman. Made in navy or grey worsted flannel, there's nothing severe about this whirlaway style. Sold for $195 in 1955, the same suit would cost about $1600 today. Love the short matching gloves with the bracelets stacked on top and the super slim umbrella makes an elegant accessory.

1955, junior sophisticates pleated dressKnife pleats are narrow at the top and gradually widen to the hem to add fullness to the skirt in this dress by Junior Sophisticates. The belt keeps things in check at the waist.

1955, Vanity Fair, peignoir set, pleated robeA dramatic peignoir set by Vanity Fair offers a robe with a grand sweep of sheer pleats falling from the shoulder. In nylon tricot and French lace, the set was available in white or pastel colors. In 1955, the gown sold for $29.95 and the robe for $59.95 - that equals $244 and $489 in today's dollar!