Tuesday, March 31, 2009

1960 Travel Wardrobe - 7 Days in London

The year - 1960. The city - London. The clothes - A basic wardrobe for a 7 day trip worn by a Glamour magazine editor.

The daytime wardrobe consists of red, white, navy blue, and pale grey, colors that will all co-ordinate nicely together. Accessories not shown included navy shoes, a navy umbrella, a red hat, and a red shoulder bag. The evening wardrobe is black, worn with a small fur stole, black shoes, and pearl and gold jewelry.

1. Red wool reefer coat piped and buttoned in navy blue by Anne Fogarty. The coat works with everything else in the wardrobe except the bouffant evening dress.
2. Pale grey suit edged in dark grey by Handmacher. The suit is perfect for business luncheons, and the wool fabric releases wrinkles overnight.
3. Navy blue silk sheath dress with white trim by Deb-Time. This dress is perfect as a "morning dress" for casual shopping and lunches.

4. White silk twill blouse with navy and white check wool full skirt, both by Sloat. White cashmere cardigan by Pringle. The separates are perfect to wear with flat shoes for touring art museums and a walking tour of the city.
5. Navy blue linen sheath dress trimmed in white by Anne Fogarty. A dressier alternative to #3, this sheath is perfect for upscale shopping, afternoon tea, and cocktails.
6. Black silk jersey draped top and skirt by Toni Owen. Perfect for evenings at the theater or night clubs.
7. Black silk organza full skirted dress by Rappi. Well worth packing and perfect for gala dinner parties.

Whew! Notice there are no pants included in this wardrobe, but I wonder if she did pack some for casual wear in her hotel room. I also found it interesting that there are two similar dresses, one for "morning" one for "afternoon", each appropriate for different activities. And note that one would choose a dressier dress for shopping at upscale department stores as opposed to smaller shops. No wonder a gal had to travel with so much luggage!