Thursday, August 13, 2009

1963 Fashion for Mad Men - The Undergarments

Luckily enough, we are often shown glimpses of the undergarments and lingerie worn by the female characters on Mad Men. Will we ever forget Episode 5 from Season 1 when Betty and Don return home from a party, Don unzips her evening gown, and we get to see the strapless corselette and full length half slip she wears underneath?

Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant does put the female cast of Mad Men in period appropriate undergarments. She has to for the clothing to fit correctly. Here is a look at underwear and lingerie from 1963.

Color is the new big thing in undergarments. Vanity Fair introduced slips, bras, and girdles in Forget-Me-Not blue, a perfect choice for Betty.

Prints make an appearance too. Vassarette made this French Gravure print set in pink, blue, or black with white. I can see Joan in this, can you?

Peggy will stick with white.

All of the characters will wear girdles and structured bras....

...or one piece shapers.

Stockings are a must. Pantyhose were not invented yet, and no woman would ever leave the house with bare legs.

For evening, strapless coreselettes or long line bras with girdles or garter belts keep things in shape without baring an embarassing bra strap.

Expect to continue to see lacy nylon nightgowns and peignoir sets.

And perhaps a quilted housecoat or robe at breakfast.