Friday, August 21, 2009

Fashion for Airplane Travel - 1964

First, a big thank you to Sal over at Already Pretty. I had asked Sal to show us how to incorporate vintage clothing into a modern wardrobe, and boy, did she deliver! I think you'll enjoy her post.

In Sunday's episode of Mad Men, we got to see a peek at early 60's airplane travel when Don and Sal fly to Baltimore. Did you notice how formal everyone looked? And later, at dinner, did you notice that the flight attendants remained in full uniform with their hats on? Airplane travel isn't what it used to be! Women used to travel in dresses or suits and men always wore a suit. Here, from 1964, are several images from ads for Best & Co. that featured American Airlines.

Martha Clyde pastel wool suits, both featuring toppers over dresses.

These women are wearing tapestry knit suits by Nantucket Knits.

Two dresses by The Villager. At left an A-line shift with removable collar. At right, a wool flannel shirtdress.

Bardley offered this three piece suit consisting of a sleeveless top and skirt with a matching reefer coat. At right is a second top coat.