Thursday, August 27, 2009

Passion for London Fashion - 1984

London first became a leader of unconventional fashion in the mid 1960's with the Boutique movement sparked by such designers as Mary Quant and Ossie Clark. Flamboyant style continued to flow out of London in the 80's, where several new young designers generated fashion excitement. Here, some looks from 1984 that combine soft man-tailoring with boyish charm. Men's and women's wear are combined with fabulous results.

Do these looks inpire you for fall? Not that you'd want to wear these oversized looks or men's clothing. No, its the elaborate mix of colors, textures, and patterns with big-ass jewelry that I'm talking about. How will you mix it up for fall? Click the pictures for larger views.

Scott Crolla's store in London was a magnet for trendy rockers in the 80's. He and his design partner Georgina Godley are credited with starting the explosion of tapestries, brocades and damasks found in fashion of the time. Crolla, on Dover Street in London, was open from 1981 to 1991.

All from Crolla: a men's oversized smoking jacket is worn over a women's handwoven shirt, beaded cummerbund and skinny tapestry pants. Cross necklace by Blythe & Blythe. Short necklace by Jay Feinberg. Bow bracelet by Dina Tevas.

Design team Culture Shock's oversized women's raw silk pants suit worn with an oversized men's cotton shirt and an iridescent silk reversible trench coat lined in African batik cotton. Sunglasses by Laura Biagiotti. Pins, earrings, and waist chain by Blythe & Blythe. Shoes by Manolo Blahnik.

London designer Betty Jackson got her start in 1981. Her clothes today are still inspired by the visual arts.

All from Betty Jackson: A plaid suit with a roomy jacket and paper bag waisted pants held up with suspenders with a bright blouse. Worn over it, a huge coat in a contrasting wool plaid. A colorful shawl drapes out of the coat pocket and a black hat tops off the outfit. Pin at the collar by Gaetano Fazio. Shoes also by Betty Jackson.

Timney and Fowler was founded in 1979. They are a design team who specialize in fabrics and wallpapers for home decor. Here, three pieces from a brief foray into men's clothing all worn as womenswear. A cotton shirt, silk vest, silk scarf, and silk pants all in fingerpaint stripes. The clothing was sold at Charivari in New York. Hat by Jay Lord Hatters. Earrings and pin at neck by Monty Don. Belt by Barry Kieselstein-Cord. Necklace by Robert Lee Morris.

From Jean Muir, who got her start in the 1960's: A striped crew-neck pullover with striped wool trousers and black hat. Pin at neck and cross pendant by Monty Don. Echo scarf.