Thursday, August 06, 2009

Op Art Clothing - 1966

Op art: n A school of abstract art characterized by the use of geometric shapes and brilliant colors to create optical illusions.

These clothes are all from 1966, when Mod op art was all the rage. Bright colors were bounced off of each other in bold graphic shapes. These dresses would have been worn with contrasting brightly colored tights.

Front - A shocking pink huge letter F on an ultraviolet background.
Back - Neon turquoise bars on ultraviolet background.
Both dresses by Avagolf, an Italian knitwear company.

White lines impact on a black wool knit dress by Cadillac Imports.

Diagonal stripes of black and white broken by a vertical stripe. Suit by Gino Paoli. Gloves by Hansen.

Black and white again, here on a wool sweater by Jantzen matched with a leather skirt by Albert Alfus. Mittens by Hansen.

Does this inspire you to wear something bold today?