Wednesday, August 26, 2009

DIY - 1960 Makeup Looks from Paris

Today, a look at new makeup styles being worn by the young jazz club set in 1960 Paris. Like it? Included are instructions so you can do it yourself. Enjoy!

Claude Agathe wears the new "Swan Eye" look

How Claude gets the look:
1. Eye drops whiten the whites of the eyes for bold contrast.
2. Eye shadow in white near the lashes and silver grey above that.
3. Thick triangular shaped eye liner angles up toward the brow.
4. Bold brow makeup is winged up at the center of the eye and then disappears.
5. False lashes extend across the entire lid and are thick and curled.
6. Pale lipstick is grounded with a dark penciled line on the bottom lip only.

Audrey Sedor wears the new "Owl Eye" look

How Audrey gets the look:
1. Pale foundation lightens the entire eye area.
2. False lashes are cut shorter, curled, then glued closer to the inner eye corner to open the center of the eye.
3. Green eye shadow rounds up a the center of the eye.
4. Thick black eyeliner is applied on the upper lid and thin black eyeliner below the lashes on the lower lid.
5. White eyeliner is applied to the bottom inner eyelid.
6. Brows are penciled in strongly.
7. Pale lipstick is used so the eyes are the focus.

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