Sunday, August 23, 2009

New at Couture Allure - Vintage Dresses, Purses, Hats, and a Dior Suit

This week, at Couture Allure, we've added a new collection of vintage purses and vintage hats for fall, as well as several great vintage dresses.....oh, and a 60's Dior Pret-a-Porter suit.

This early 1960's genuine black alligator purse is an all time classic and will never go out of style.

This 1950's hat is fashioned of brown velvet surrounded by brown feathers with jaunty little dingle balls hanging from the side. Fun, no?

Here it is, the vintage 1960's Christian Dior Pret-a-Porter suit. Considered a step below the Haute Couture line but a step above the Boutique line, the Pret-a-Porter contains many of the hand finished techniques as the couture, but was made in standard sizes rather than being made specifically for one client. This late 1960’s suit was designed by Marc Bohan for the Christian Dior Pret-a-Porter line and comes with a matching silk blouse and scarf.

Victoria Royal, Ltd. was a maker of fine beaded evening gowns and cocktail dresses in Hong Kong. This 1960's Mod era wrap dress by Victoria Royal is completely covered in black sequins and big square paillettes.

We love 1950's full skirted dresses by American designer Anne Fogarty. She always seems to get it just right. This 1950's circle skirt dress by Fogarty is fashioned of magenta velveteen.

There's nothing like a great sweater dress to help your wardrobe as you transition from summer to fall. This 1950's body-hugging black wool boucle knit dress by Kimberly is a wardrobe basic that you'll wear for years.