Wednesday, March 11, 2009

1945 Bare Midriffs

It's 1945, the war is coming to an end, and your mama (or grandmama) is sporting a bare midriff. The bare midriff became popular for several reasons.

- It was all the rage in Hollywood, with film stars showing a peek of skin in evening gowns and resort wear.

- The two piece swimsuit had become acceptable by now.

- Wartime L-85 restrictions meant you were showing your patriotism by wearing less fabric!

Rayon bra top and skirt-like shorts for beach or play can be topped with the sharkskin beachcoat. All pieces by Junior Miss of California and sold by Jordan Marsh.

A straight skirt with deep trouser pleats with a cutaway halter bodice that is attached at the back by Huxley. Fashioned from cocoa brown rayon with the look and feel of linen.

louella ballerino swimsuit 1945Louella Ballerino two piece swimsuit in a California Authentics fabric.

carolyn schnurer bare midriff top and skirt, 1945At the top: Short peasant tops with puffed sleeves are matched to full skirts. Both sets designed by Carolyn Schnurer. At center: A tie-front top with matching skirt by Huxley.

claire mccardell, bare midriff top and skirt, 1945Claire McCardell works a long sleeved top with matching wrap skirt in black wool jersey. The skirt has big pockets and white top-stitching accents both pieces.

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Sal said...

See, now THAT'S the part of my midriff I can show with pride. All this whole-abdomen stuff is just too much.

your opinions 101 said...
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casey said...

I agree with Sal's comment! :) I've got a pattern for a "bare midriff" top from the 40s, and have been contemplating making an outfit with that and a skirt. I just love the two-piece look from this era!

sallymandy said...

What an interesting blog! I love this. I'll get on your list of followers. Thank you...

(I found you on Already Pretty.)

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