Friday, March 27, 2009

1961 Prom Dresses

First order of business: In my rush to get out the door yesterday to accomplish a mile-long list of errands and thrifting, I neglected to credit Casey of Casey's Elegant Musings for finding the great vintage style sunglasses at Forever 21 that I blogged about yesterday. I normally would never shop at Forever 21, as I left that age many, many years ago, but I will definitely be purchasing some of their sunglasses on my next trip to the mall. Thanks, Casey!

It's almost April, and most girls who are attending a prom this spring have either found or been searching for the prom dress of their dreams for weeks. Here are some prom dresses from 1961.

Turquoise blue dotted swiss full skirted dress with a lowered waist and skirt covered with rows of tiny ruffles by Rappi. Sold for $69 in 1961 (equals about $500 today).

More dotted swiss, this time black on white edged in black ric-rac. By Dorothy Litzan for Roban. Sold in 1961 for $49.95 (equals about $365 today).

White cotton lace bodice with white cotton organdy skirt and a sash of blue satin by Harry Keiser. Sold in 1961 for $49.95 (equals about $365 today).

Sheer striped white cotton organdy is layered over a blue taffeta lining in this strapless dress by Cotillion. Sold in 1961 for $59.95 (about $438 today).