Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Carolyn Schnurer

Carolyn Schnurer was a well known designer of casual clothing in the 1940's and 50's. She was an American designer who filled the void left by the absence of Paris couture during the war years. She often based entire collections on the fabrics and ethnic designs of foreign countries that she traveled to. She would take elements of foreign dress and adapt them to typical American silhouettes. For instance, her Japanese collection featured kimono sleeves or obi sashes on full skirted dresses. Here, three Schnurer designs.

carolyn schnurer dress, 1954From 1954, a full skirted dress draws inspiration from Europe with its contrasting apron panel on the skirt front.

carolyn schnurer dress, 1949From 1949, an off-shoulder cotton dress with scattered polka dot print.

carolyn schnurer skirt and top, 1949From 1949, a black wool knit tube top is worn with a flocked cotton full skirt. The top came with removeable straps.