Thursday, March 19, 2009

1964 Beauty Tips and Trends

A few beauty tips and trends from 1964:

- A deep suntan is in style now. Ads for suntan lotions and oils occur frequently in summer magazines.

- Long fingernails become popular as women have more leisure time due to time (and nail) saving appliances. The newest nail polish shades are neutrals and rose pinks.

- Eyebrows are always neatly shaped and colored with brow make-up for drama.

- As with nails, the new lipstick shades are neutrals and rosy pinks.

- Eyeliner is drawn on wide and swept up at the ends for that cat's-eye look.

- False eyelashes supplement your own.

- Blush is relatively new and is used to hollow and contour cheeks.

- Hair is teased for day and up-swept at night.

- Pale eyeshadows complement the current pastels in your wardrobe.

- Two-toned hair with streaks or tips are a new trend in hair.

- Matte finishes rule, from powdered faces to blotted lips.

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Sal said...

So many of these sound remarkably familiar ...

lucitebox said...

Gray hair as a "streak." That's not terribly common today, is it?

I'm so excited to be gray.

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

LOL! I think it's meant to be silvery-blue to match her eyeshadow.

Jaynie Van Roe said...

And why are we celebrating 1964? Is it because that's the year of my birth? Well, thanks! :P

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