Monday, March 30, 2009

Vintage 1950s Prom Dresses

When I think of 1950s prom dresses, this is the style that comes to mind. Lots of tulle and lace in layers or ruffles, super-full skirts, and strapless bodices. This is the style of dress my mom wore to her school dances in the late 1940s. My grandmother made mom's dresses and then stored them in the attic. I loved playing in grandma's attic when I was a child, and those dresses always enchanted me. As it turned out, they were influential in my choice of career as a vintage clothing dealer as well!

Three strapless tulle dresses by Nadine Formals. The Nadine Formals company was based in St. Louis and is still in business today as part of the Bridal Originals company. These dresses sold in 1957 for $25 - $30 (about $195 - $235 in today's dollar).

This 1955 Rappi dress is fashioned of three layers of luscious raspberry pink nylon tulle over matching taffeta lining.

From 1957, the blue dress on the left by Dansant has a tulle sequined bodice with a taffeta circle skirt. This dress sold at Bonwit Teller for $45 (about $350 in today's dollar). At the right, a blue satin blouse is worn with a white tiered lace full skirt, both by Betty Lane.

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