Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Travel 1949 Style

Travel isn't what it used to be, and that's a good thing! When my husband and I went to Europe for two weeks a couple of years ago, we did it with just a carry-on bag each. I packed a versatile wardrobe of knits that I mixed and matched for 14 days, and getting through airport customs and security in multiple cities was a breeze.

In 1949, a gal had to travel with sportswear, day dresses, afternoon dresses, and evening gowns. Then she had to add hats, shoes, undergarments, and other accessories suitable for each outfit. A cosmetic case was needed for all those glass bottles and jars, as well as hair styling needs and jewelry. Oh, and don't forget your travel iron since permanent press garments weren't available yet. A two week trip through Europe would require at least 3-4 suitcases! The cases themselves weren't lightweight and didn't have wheels. I feel weighed down just thinking about it!

Above: A cotton plaid full skirt and black wrap top, both by Justin McCarty. Canvas luggage by Skyway.

Green cotton sunsuit, skirt, and jacket all by Junior House. Cowhide luggage by U.S. Trunk.

Navy polka-dot cotton lawn dress by Surrey Classic. Cowhide luggage by Amelia Earhart.