Saturday, March 28, 2009

Weekend Eye Candy - 1972 Christian Dior Luggage

Speaking of luggage, I would love to own this 1972 Christian Dior carry-on tote bag from the Dior luggage line. Dior monogrammed canvas with brown leather. Yum.


Sheree said...

I love this and Dior. I wonder what the original retail was for Christian Dior Luggage in circa 1950's? I have acquired 3 pieces of matching MINT condition Dior monogrammed canvas luggage. The color is brown with navy trim and yellow dior signature linings. I have the traincase, a 27-in suitcase and a large wardrobe w the original dior hangers. I have pieced this together through online searches internationally. I just wonder what the original retail prices were; as I know what they are worth today in this very rare color and new condition. - Sheree Hilbun, Houston, Texas

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